Briana’s Backyard BBQ

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Briana’s Backyard BBQ. Welcome to Chuck Lords’ backyard, where Briana Banks is all naked and you can rest your lemonade right on her ass!!! Where the poolside honeys try to out-nasty each other for the Vivid cameras while your host, Briana, makes sure there’s a bun for every wiener!!! You’re at BRIANA’S BACKYARD BARBECUE … and you’re in the deep end now!!! Directed by Chuck Lords. Starring Briana Banks, Brittney Skye, Saskia Steele, Kure Lockwood, Mikayla Luccia, Tommy Gunn, Scott Nails, Mario Rossi.

Briana Banks doing just about anything is entertaining. The hot German-born actress has a great sexual personality and is one of the best know active porn stars in the world. This release is all about her throwing a poolside porn party for all of her porn friends with video recorders on hand to take in all of the inevitable fun that will ensue.

Briana's Backyard BBQBriana's Backyard BBQ

Scene 1: Briana Banks & Mikayla Luccia

Briana Banks & Mikalya Luccia starts off the DVD with an interview talking a bit about their background. Before you know it the two are in a room ready with two strapping young men ready to bump some uglies. There is some great pussy eating. Watching Briana brush her teeth would be great. Watching her suck cock is pure unadulterated fun. After the oral time the two split up for some safe latex covered sex. Mikalya Luccia is a hot little Dutch women with a tight pair of tits and a great body. She pales next to Briana, but it’s still a nice looking pair. Mikalya Luccia even takes some brief anal before both get sprayed in semen.

Scene 2: Briana Banks & Friends

The middle portion of the movie is all about the girls and guys playing in front of the camera. There are some great side bar lesbian action between the lovely Mikayla, imported from Brazil. She’s absolutely beautiful with a great set of tits and spectacular smile. Watching her and the hot Saskia Steele rubbing bellies in a pool and playing with a double dong is quite fun. In addition, we see Briana back in action sucking and fucking a strapping young man on a pool side chair. Briana Banks can deep throat with the best of them and looks fun taking a rubber covered cock up her snatch. Her tits may be a bit too fake to bounce during reverse cow girl, but it’s fun to watch them try. The final is a splash of demon seed on those great tits.

Scene 3: Britney Skye

Britney Skye shows up to Briana’s pool side party and ends up taking a guest upstairs for some lovin’. If you don’t know how Britney Skye is by now, you’re not paying attention. She’s a Jenna Jameson type hottie, who could easily define what a porn star looks like. She’s got beautiful fake tits, lovely face, and a slutty appeal that makes most hetero males shift in their seats. She looks stunning as usual taking a condom covered romp and ends the scene with a facial to boot.

Watch Briana’s Backyard BBQ Online Now