Collision Course

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Collision Course. This movie was really hyped up since it featured both Briana Banks and Tera Patrick. This movie is sort of a no brainer for Vivid … I mean with such amazing beauty like Briana and Tera, how can you go wrong? The movie begins as the cast is introduced during a little walk through that features each girl in bikinis, boots. It’s an unusual way to start a movie but the girls look great and I guess that’s what really counts.

Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Dillan Lauren

The first scene is a lesbian threeway and it features Tera, Briana and lesser known Dillan Lauren. They get a little rough in this one. Not what you would typically expect for a Vivid lesbian scene. It was a nice change though.

Briana Banks & Ben English

In this next scene we get our first taste of real sex when Briana sucks and fucks Ben. The oral drags on a bit longer than need be but when they finally get down to business and she fucks him things really heat up. Briana is amazing in this scene. He even fucks her in the ass and in the end he unloads on her pretty little face.

Tera Patrick & Spyder Jonez

Still looking fantastic in her bikini, Tera welcomes her man with a kiss that quickly becomes a blowjob which leads to a little playing with her pussy and then he fucks her! Tera and Spyder don’t quite have the heat and passion that Briana and Ben did in the previous scene but it will still pretty decent overall.

Vanessa Lane, Otto Bauer & Ben Brat

In this next scene, or what I like to call filler we have three pretty much no names which in most movies, is normally the most boring scene. In this filler scene we have a girl – boy – boy three way which includes a blowjob to start (of course?) and then we get to the good stuff where one guy takes her in the ass and the other guy fucks her pussy. Eventually they stand her up and hold her in between their bodies. Then Vanessa locks her ankles behind her head and gets her little ass fucked. This seems to set off the creative juices and the guys have her upside-down, sideways and in positions that we don’t even have names for. I must admit, I was wrong about this filler scene. This girl may not be a huge star like Tera Patrick or Briana Banks but boy she should be. That girl is flexible and creative to say the least!

Briana Banks and Tera Patrick

We now return to the reason we are watching this movie in the first place and that is Tera and Briana. They start off slow and that leads to Briana, who tongue fucks the beautiful Tera and gets her hot pussy ready for some serious toy play. I love the eye candy here and Briana once again proves that contract girls don’t have to be dull fucks. To her credit, Tera does some nasty talking as well as she gets ready to return the favor. With a plug already in her ass, Briana screams out for Tera to fuck her deeper with the vibrator. The trash talking is hot too. This is a very nice finale though and it shows that both women can fuck like superstars that they are.

Watch Collision Course Online Now