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Flick from Vivid Entertainment. Sexual healing anyone? The movie starts with Flick sitting, gripping his pillow with a crazed look on his face. Suddenly the doorbell rings and it appears that is hooker has arrived. The get down to business pretty quickly and after getting his off she oddly enough knows him out with the pillows.

The next scene we find ourselves in the hospital with Flick in bed. Turns out that Flick suffers from a mental disorder and his hot, new doctor wants to evaluate him to see what she can do to made him better but first she has to convince another on staff doctor that she can handle the case and what better way to convince a man of something than by fucking him!

Once she gets him to agree to let her have Flick’s case she begins her investigation of his condition by talking to the hooker. The hottie doctor convinces the hooker to help and then we have an unusually flashback of Flick in his younger years. This is a scene with him and his babysitter. What’s odd about this flashback scene is in it, Flick is 20 years old, so why a 20 year old man would need a babysitter is beyond me but anywho, the babysitter is hot and that at least makes up for the weirdness of it all. 🙂 In the flashback, the hot babysitter has her boyfriend over and the two of them get it on while Flick watches. When she catches Flick watching them, she hits him with a pillow and he likes it.

It was then the hottie doctor realized that the cure would be for Flick to fuck the babysitter.

Overall the movie had some weird storyline moments, the music was horrid and the editing left something to be desired but the sex was great and I guess that’s what counts. 🙂