Interesting Briana Banks Facts

There are some very interesting Briana Banks facts that we have collected for you. Over the years we’ve gotten quite a few questions about Briana Banks … about her life, her career and everything in between you can possibly think of. Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about the porn star.  You will notice sometimes the questions we get are rather similar in nature to another question we’ve already answered to in those cases what I did was just list them under the other, sort of grouping the similar questions together.

Where is Briana Banks now?

How old is Briana Banks?

Was Briana Banks arrested for DUI?

How tall is Briana Banks?

How long are Briana Banks’ legs?

When did Briana Banks start the adult industry?

When did Briana Banks become a Vivid girl?

Did Briana Banks date Kid Rock?

Who is Briana Banks favorite female star to work with?

  • Who is Briana Banks least favorite female star to work with?

I heard Briana was a big druggie. Is this true?

Is Briana Banks a lesbian in real life?

Was Briana always into sex?

No, in fact only had 3 boyfriends before she got into the adult industry and only 2 since. She currently is not married but is with the same guy she has been with for the last two years, Bobby Vitale. Briana says she was a late bloomer and growing up was more of a tomboy. Had it not been for her long hair, she said most would not have known she was a female.

Was Briana ever a Penthouse Pet of the Year?

No, in June 2001 Briana was featured on the cover and in a 12-page ‘pet of the month’ pictorial and centerfold shot and in 2002 was nominated as a pet of the year but did not win, Megan Mason did. A voluptuous brunette, but nothing close to Briana Banks. Briana so should have won!

What are Briana’s plans for the future?

Briana would like to go behind the scenes one day to start her own line of adult movies. She would also like to return to college full-time.

What is Briana’s favorite sexual position?

Briana says her favorite position in doggy but she really likes to get rough too. 😉

Does Briana live in LA?

Briana has stated in previous interviews she lived in or around the LA area however recently reports have her living in various spots around the country including PA and even Texas. Her personal MySpace page says she is currently living in Texas however On 13 October 2006, WTAE-TV News in Pittsburgh, PA reported that Banks was filing a Federal lawsuit against a sex toy manufacturer, claiming the company violated an agreement to make molds of her genitals. Briana Banks’ lawsuit claims Doc Johnson Enterprises made 10 unauthorized products from those reproductions. Banks claimed the agreement was that the company would only make two. Banks seeks more than $75,000 in damages. The lawyer for Doc Johnson Enterprises said the suit is a desperate attempt for Banks to get her name in the news. Which is far from true, as Briana is now the 3rd most popular porn star only behind Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick. The story also referred to Banks as a “local porn star”, leading one to believe she currently resides somewhere within the Allegheny County region of Pennsylvania. It was however later revealed that although Briana still lives in CA, her boyfriend which she stays with often is from that area.  As of 2012 my sources say Briana Banks is back in California full time now.

Does Briana Banks escort? I heard that. Is it true?

While I can’t say 100% for sure, the rumor is she does in fact do private escorting work through The Luxury Companion.