Another Briana Banks Interview

Briana Banks: The Interview
by Acme Andersson of Rising Star PR

There are few girls in the adult industry who are recognizable by a single name. Briana Banks may have two, but whenever someone says the name “Briana” in Porn Valley, everyone knows whom they are speaking about.

She started performing at 19 after seeing an ad saying she could make $1000 in a day doing nude modeling. With rent due in a week, it seemed like the perfect solution. Soon this girl, who had only been with one guy before, was on her way to stardom, spreading her legs in some of the filthiest scenes being shot in the industry.

Then her career took a strange turn: The country’s foremost gonzo girl, who had performed in hundreds of scenes, got a contract with the world’s foremost company: Vivid Entertainment. Briana Banks was a Vivid Girl.

Eight years later, she’s still with the company. While she’s taken a couple breaks here and there, she is still very much a Vivid Girl. But don’t think her filthy side has been stuffed away in the closet or tossed aside like a pair of panties. It’s still in her, and here she suggests there may be some dirty things to come—very dirty things indeed.

What are you wearing?

I’m completely naked right now. I’m one of these girls who really hates to wear underwear, they bother me.

What’s the dirtiest scene you’ve ever done?

Max Hardcore. I did it, I would never do it again, it was probably one of the most degrading scenes I have ever done, I dropped out of the business for two months afterwards. It wasn’t painful, because his dick is small, and even though he does anal the whole scene, it’s more what he says to you and it gets in your head.

I also did a double anal with Bobby Vitale and Erik Everhard, and neither of them is tiny in any sense of the word. And then I did a five-on-one for Anabolic.

Where do you draw the line?

The Red Light/Vivid movie [Perfect Match] was the last movie that just came out, and Manuel Ferrara directed and I did three guys and it’s very dirty for a Vivid movie. There’s all kinds of ATM, squirting — I didn’t even know I could squirt until Manuel — but it’s selling like crazy, it’s got five stars all around the board, but I would definitely say my limit is three. Any more than three is a clusterfuck, you don’t know what’s going on and there’s just too many dicks in your face.

Give us your cocksucking advice?

My advice to a woman is, depending on what the guy likes, because some guys don’t like to be deep-throated, but my technique is you start on the tip, you start soft, you tease, you lick, you kiss, you slap on the tongue, then you spit on your hand and kind of use the hands and the mouth at the same time, and then you kind of go down a little big deeper, a little bit deeper, until you have the whole thing in your mouth, then back up and continue on the head. A lot of teasing, and then when the guy is super hard, then you do that noise I do with my throat when I deep throat, kind of like … I can’t do it like there’s a penis in my mouth.

It’s kind of a quack-like sound.

Yeah, that’s because it’s hitting the back of my throat and beyond. My tip is tease them, tease them, tease them. If you go right into it, it’s just like a woman, I don’t just want some guy to just jump into my vagina area and just start going crazy. I like to be teased, I like the outside licked, the panties licked, the panties pulled up in-between, it’s all about the build-up for me, that’s what gets me excited and the reason I wanna get fucked. I don’t wanna just be bent over and have it stuck in.

Have you ever met a penis you couldn’t deep throat?

Rocco [Siffredi] was pretty tough. That thing is un-human. I got pretty close, but there’s only so much throat, but I think there’s probably about two inches that I couldn’t get down.

Is this the kind of thing you like at home?

I like rough sex. I like being choked with hands to the point where I almost pass out and then you come to and it gives you such a great orgasm. I like spitting, I like my mouth being spit in. I like slapping, not to the point where it leaves bruises, but I’m definitely into the hard stuff. I think that’s because I pretty much learned about sex doing pornography, so it’s real hard for me to do a gentle lovemaking session. I find it a little boring.

Vivid isn’t known for all these things, so do you ever feel a little held back?

In all reality I am known for that, because I’m one of the only Vivid Girls that did 800 gonzo scenes before I was signed by Vivid.

Eight hundred scenes? Surely you’re exaggerating.

No, I’m not. I started in the business at 19, I worked almost every single day, sometimes twice a day, from everything from Max Hardcore to Jim Lane productions, I’m on almost probably 50, 60, 70 of their box covers. I did about 800 scenes before I ever signed with Vivid. I was already a huge star before Vivid signed me. So I have both fanbases, I have the Vivid fanbase that likes the more gentle, softer, story-themed lovemaking, and then I have the people who love the Max Hardcore, double anal, double vag, slapping, choking, spitting, disgusting, just crazy, off-the-wall stuff.

What do you prefer: DP, double anal or double vag?

Double vag. I did the double anal because Bobby [Vitale] got a movie line, Too Nasty To Tame, and I was dating him at the time, and he begged me, he said, “You’re the prettiest girl in the business right now, you’re the only pretty girl who would do it,” and I agreed. It was actually a really hot scene. I was quite amazed that I could do it. And I must say that their two dicks together weren’t as difficult as Rocco.

You never answered the question: Do you ever feel held back by Vivid? Oh, god, you’re really gonna get into it. Um…I’ve been a Vivid Girl for seven, eight years now, and I would like to start doing a little more hardcore stuff for the fans who have stuck by me even through the Vivid years. I’ve gotten tons and tons of letters that they want to see old school Briana and this and that and I want to start my own production company. I’m at the point now where I’d like to move on, but I think Vivid gave me a whole different area of fans. I wouldn’t say they held me back, they created a whole new Briana Banks. I wanna have the choice where I can do either. I want to be able to do big budget movies and I want to do dirty, nasty gonzo movies also.

What kind of material do you like shooting now?

I want to be doing the dirty stuff that people want to see, and I don’t think people right now are into the pretty, glam, softcore movies.

What was your first girl/girl like and who was it with?

My first girl ever was Lita Chase. I showed up on a Zane production and it was supposed to be me and TT Boy. I did my own makeup, and I had the tiny little boobs, I was still going by Mirage, and there’s this gorgeous blonde, huge knockers, and I figured she was in the next scene and they told me last minute that I was doing a girl-girl-boy. I had never been with a girl in my life, I was petrified, I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She comes in and fixes my hair, re-did my makeup, gave me something to wear. I was a little 19-year-old girl and she basically guided me through the scene. She was like, I know you have no clue what you’re doing, so just let me do you and you just work on TT Boy. Then me and her became best friends and I ended up two weeks later changing my name to Briana Banks. We became very close, I experimented, I really started enjoying women, I got my practice on how to please a woman. I’m lucky I got a really cool girl for my first scene.

Lita taught you how to do girls, so let us in on the secret.

The same thing you do with the guy, you tease, you don’t just dive right in. I like to rub the outside of the panties and pull the panties in between the lips and lick the panties. Even though giving a girl head is already foreplay, I try to make foreplay of the foreplay. I get turned on when I can feel the girl is wet through her underwear, that’s when you know it’s time to pull the underwear to the side. I like to do light licking and then maybe a little tip of the finger, get them so excited that they’re begging for you to stick your fingers in them. I lightly nibble on the clit, I’ve kind of gotten really good at it, and I like to wear a tongue ring when I’m giving head because women seem to enjoy it for than men. Men like the softness, women like the tongue ring, you can sort of circle it around the clit, it drives them crazy. I take my time and I have fun.

How do you like to be fucked?

Doggie style. I like my hair pulled and my favorite is doggie style with a mirror, then you can see from every angle, you can either sit up in more of a reverse cowgirl or I like to arch my butt way up in the air and watch the guy look down, watching the penis go in and out. And I can rub my own clit or the guy can rub my clit and I can cum very easily.

Do you masturbate a lot?

I only do five movies a year now, so you can imagine I have quite the toy collection.

Which is your favorite?

My all-time favorite is the pocket rocket, because if I lay on my belly and I put a pillow under my hips, I can finish in one minute. I put that baby on high and I’m done. It’s quick, easy, to the point.

Ever use it while driving?

I don’t, because when I cum I twitch and I would probably cause an accident. If I accidentally hit the gas pedal. My body convulses, so I haven’t done it in the car unless it’s parked.

Where’s the craziest place you ever had sex?

Behind a Dumpster. Bobby fucked me from behind and it was hot because it was very sporadic and he had my mouth covered, banging the shit out of me, and it was hot because it was public, so you’re taking that risk of getting caught. The combination of different factors made it really intense. I like public sex, because it kind of gets you even hornier, the thought of being caught. What would you say? How would they react? Would you get in trouble? Would they just kick you out of the store? There’s always that curiosity behind it. I’ve given blowjobs on airplanes.

Ever been caught doing any of these things?

No, and I don’t know how. I remember one time Bobby and I were coming back from a location and we pulled over and we were fucking and all of the sudden we noticed the car was rolling. Luckily he hit the emergency brake just in time before we went off the side of the mountain, but it would have been a great way to go.

interview from in 2011 Aceme Anderson of Rising Star PR