Exclusive Briana Banks Interview

Kelli: Hello Briana. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. I’m sure many fans out there, like myself want to get to know the _real_ you … up close and personal. Many of the questions I ask you today were given to me by your fans from SexyBriana.com and a few sent to me from fans that have bought some of your movies at EroticVideos.com.

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Briana: I look forward to letting everyone get to know me better. Although I’ve been in the business for about two years now making movies for other companies, until I signed with Vivid, no one really ever wanted to know anything about me. To be honest, I was kind of shocked that I had fans.

Kelli: You are a blonde goddess. Who wouldn’t love you?

Briana: *giggles* Okay then … let’s get started.

Kelli: What’s it like to be a Vivid girl?

Briana: It’s everything I dreamed of and 100 times more. When you become a Vivid girl, you still do what you did before, but it’s all so different. The movie sets are clean, everything is so professional. Everyone is so nice and they all treat you like you are a famous movie star like Julia Roberts or something. I honestly had no idea it would be like this. It’s great. I love it!

Kelli: Vivid recently released your first feature for them called “Briana loves Jenna“. What was it like working with Jenna Jameson?

Briana: Her tongue is amazing!!! Several times I got so caught up in what she was doing to me I lost concentration on what I was supposed to be doing. Jenna’s not anything like I thought she would be, or heard about. She’s really nice, totally professional and taught me so much during the short time we worked together. I considered it an honor to have had the chance to work with her and look forward to doing it again. She is without a doubt one of the best in the business. No make that the world. I love to get off, who doesn’t? But when Jenna’s in action – it’s mind blowing.

Kelli: How are things going with you and Bobby Vitale?

Briana: Great! Actually more than great. He’s beyond belief. He’s so supportive and treats me really well. During the shooting of “Briana Loves Jenna” she showed me this cool blow job thing with your tongue and he loves it! That’s the best part about being a porn star… you not only get to meet great people, have great sex and make good money but you also learn some really good sex tips.

Kelli: This next question comes from a fan from EroticVideos who bought your movie “Devil Girl“. He wants to know if you really get off when you are working because he said when he was watching you in Devil Girl it really looked like you did.

Briana: That’s a really good question … truth is, it just depends. Making a movie isn’t anything like most people think. You have so many breaks in between, it’s really hard to get going – break – get going – break and so on. Sometimes you get lucky with someone like Jenna and things get so hot, the director won’t call cut and let us just keep playing. Even if we get off track. *smile*

Kelli: Again this is another fan question … Don’t you have a problem knowing your boyfriend fucks all those other girls, every single day at work? And how does he not have a problem with a hottie like you sucking someone else’s cock?

Briana: Bobby and I are professionals. We know that what we do is just a job. Well more than that – but it’s also not about love. Bobby knows I love him and I know that he feels the same for me. I’m lucky to have found someone as wonderful as him. And truth is, I think he also kind of likes watching another girl eat my pussy.

Kelli: If you and Bobby get married, do you plan on having kids and doing the whole family thing?

Briana: I don’t know. We are both still really young. I think there is plenty of time to worry about that later. For now we are just having fun.

Kelli: Although this question was from a fan from SexyBriana.com I’m really curious myself what this answer is. When you go out in public, do people come up to you? And if so, what’s that like?

Briana: Until recently I would say no. But this last few weeks, especially since Vivid released “Briana Loves Jenna” and “Flick”, yah … I’ve gotten that a few times. The first time was at the mall. Bobby wasn’t with me at the time and at first it freaked me out. I was like, why is this guy coming up to me, and then I realized, oh my god, he’s a fan. That is so cool.

Kelli: Any tips you can give us?

Briana: OH YES! I’m glad you asked that. First to the girls out there … RELAX! Have fun! Enjoy your body! Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of. It’s a wonderful experience. The more you relax and just let things happen, the happier you will be in life. So trust me on this one. And to you guys out there … we girls are insecure. If she’s not sucking your cock, it’s probably because you aren’t making her feel secure about who she is and your relationship. Work harder on letting her know how hot you think she is, how much you totally love her and are into her and watch how much more sex you get!!

Kelli: Wow! Great advice, thanks Briana. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with us today and I look forward to doing it again.

Briana: It was my pleasure and thanks for having me.