Is Briana Banks Divorced?

Is Briana Banks divorced?  Yes.  Briana married her longtime boyfriend and fellow porn star Bobby Vitale in 2003 however in 2006 reports have come in that they are no longer together however no details of why they broke up after so many years has surfaced.  There were lots of rumors about drugs and rehab on both of their parts but nothing official ever came to light of any of these stories.  So all I can say for sure is that Briana Banks did marry Bobby Vitale in 2003 and sometime before 2006 they were divorced.


Is Briana Banks divorced?


Briana Banks has had a long and illustrious career in porn and we’ve had this site dedicated to her almost just as long. In that time we’ve amassed a lot of questions about her and her career, what we call her frequently asked questions such as how old is she, how long on her legs and where she was born. This is one of the answers to those questions. For other often asked Briana Banks questions you can click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.