Island Fever

Island Fever is now available on DVD

Island Fever from Digital Playground. Paradise is relative, Heaven is absolute! Immerse yourself in an island sanctuary, where all your senses are stimulated by unending, relentless passion. Relax and let the island goddesses Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, and Julia Ann nurture your spirit, among other things. You’ll realize it’s not the tropical sun that’s making you sweat, it’s island fever and there is no cure!

Island Fever

Island Fever was Tera Patrick’s return to adult movies after taking about a year off. The movie was shot on location in a gorgeous island and co-starred Briana Banks. It was destined to be a best seller right from the start. The movie ended up being huge for Digital Playground and they went on to make several sequels as a result.

One unusual thing to note, if you are a fan of Briana and have watched many of her Vivid titles, this one is different … not just because it’s from another company but well, ya it’s because it’s not a Vivid title. The quality is still top notch but you will defiantly get a different “feel” with this title than with her other Vivid ones. This movie was story of like a music porn video, more than it was a story driven type title.

In the first scene you have Tera Patrick with Devin Wolf. Tera is on a cliff overlooking the sea as Devin approaches her. She starts sucking his cock right away and then they move on to the missionary position in the grass over a few steps off the cliff edge. Also in this scene is standing doggie and reverse cowgirl before the finale of him shooting his load on her face and then Tera licking it clean.

In the next scene you have Julia Ann and Devin Wolf again. Julia is standing on the cliff top sort of teasing him. He approaches him and she wastes no time sucking his cock. Next they move to the waterfall for some really hot action. First it is standing missionary and then reverse cowgirl. Next they move positions again, back toward the cliff and he eats her pussy, then they fuck again and in the end he cums over her tits.

In the third scene, you have Tera Patrick and Bobby Vitale. The scene starts with Tera in the desert sand and then Bobby shows up and they embrace. He starts to eat her pussy and then she sucks his cock. They do reverse cowgirl and you get a really great shot of Tera’s bouncing breasts. Next ,the do doggie style and he unloads on her ass.

Finally we get to Briana! In scene four it is Briana and Bobby Vitale. I’m sure most people know by now they are real life boyfriend and girlfriend which explains their explosive chemistry on camera. Briana is posing on the rocks at the beach. Bobby approaches her and she starts right in with deep throating his cock. He eats her pussy and then he fucks her doggie style. He cums on and over her pussy and then puts it back in for some more! They fuck in reverse cowgirl and then missionary and then he ends it by cumming on her stomach. Amazing scene to say the least.

The last scene is with Tera Patrick and Devin Wolf again. Tera heads off to the forest with Devin in tow. He eats her pussy and then she sucks his cock. They do doggie style while standing and then move into the missionary position before the final money shot on her stomach.

Even though Briana is only in one scene, I would still give this movie a 9 out of 10. The production values are high, the girls are amazingly hot and the scene with Briana and Bobby was great. I wished there could have been at least some lesbian action between Briana and Tera, then I would have for sure given then a 10 out of 10. 🙂