Briana Banks DOES NOT WIN Best Actress Award

Briana Banks DOES NOT WIN Best Actress Award

Wait, what? It’s confusing I know but let us explain. It’s now official … Briana Banks wins the best actress award at the 2008 AVN Awards (held on January 12, 2008) for her work in the film Layout. But does she really? Well, the one thing we know for sure is the best actress award for a film goes to someone who performed in the movie Layout. Only thing of it is …. the day after the show, AVN published the winner as one of the lesser known actresses in the movie by the name of Penny Flame, despite the fact that prior to the award show, Penny Flame was not even nominated for the award. When asked about what was going on a secret source that wishes to remain anonymous states that “things are really breaking down over at AVN“, another person says they heard it was a “database error”. Within 12 hours of that conversation, Penny Flame’s name appeared on the nomination list, despite not previously being there. When we wrote to AVN and asked how Briana Banks who was the star of the movie, even on the box cover could have not won the award and someone who wasn’t even nominated for the award prior to the actual award ceremony could have won, they declined to comment.

This whole fiasco makes me think of the Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts was clearly the star of the movie as a) she was on the box cover and b) the story revolved around her character. However other people were in the movie including Laura San Giacomo who played the role of Julia’s best friend and roommate, Kit De Luca. This character was in several key scenes and vital to the overall storyline, however, in the end, she was not the star of the movie. Just as in Layout, Penny Flame was not the star, so was a lesser character, who played a vital role to the overall story but Briana Banks was the star. Even Vivid says that. “Hands down, no questions asked Briana Banks was the star of Layout“. So what is AVN’s deal?

What we do know is that Briana’s movie Layout really was the big winner this year at the AVN award show taking home best film and a ton of other awards. Below are all the awards the movie won this year.

The 2008 AVN Awards for Layout are ….

  • Best Film- Layout

  • Best Director, Film – Paul Thomas, Layout

  • Best Actor, Film – Tom Byron, Layout

  • Best Actress, Film – Penny Flame, Layout

  • Best Couples Sex Scene, Film – Layout, Penny Flame & Tom Byron

  • Best Oral Sex Scene, Film – Layout, Kylie Ireland

  • Best Screenplay, Film – Layout, Phil Noir

  • Best Supporting Actress, Film – Layout, Kylie Ireland