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Briana Banks is a pretty, blonde who can get downright nasty with the best of them. Unlike some famous porn stars, Briana has no problem doing anal, facials, blow jobs, having guys come on her tits or whatever they want from her. It’s really nice to have someone so beautiful be so open. Now on to the review. This movie is less about the plot of well anything and more about turning over sex cards. They turn over a card, have sex. Repeat. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great movie but unusually lacking a plot that most Vivid features are known for. In short, if you want a high-quality SEX movie with little or no talking or any attempts at acting then this is the movie for you.

Scene 1 is a bondage setup with another girl named Melissa Lauren. Most of the scene revolves around the other girl with Briana in the background but in the end Briana does take his load on her face before sharing it with the other girl. It was a good scene but lacking a lot of Briana as the main focus which I would have preferred.

The next scene doesn’t feature Briana at all. It’s your typical blonde sucks his cock, he eats her out then they fuck kind of scene but it does end in a facial which is always nice.

The next scene is a little confusing at first. We have a girl standing over a dead body. I think she’s a medical examiner. Much to her surprise, he’s not as dead as she thinks as he starts to kiss her and then eats her pussy. For a dead guy he’s apparently great at what she does and she seems to genuinely enjoy what he’s doing to her body. He then bends her over the table and fucks her doggy style ending the scene with him coming on her face.

Sadly this next scene doesn’t feature Briana either but it does have three hot girls with big tits enjoying each other. This threesome lesbian love fest wasn’t bad but it wasn’t Briana and that was disappointing.

Finally! Briana is back for this final scene. It starts out as a girl/girl scene with Briana and her tarot reader, Sandra Romain. It looked pretty typical and just as I was about to his fast forward it got interesting. Sandra brings out a really big dildo and Sandra fucks Briana hard with it. The more I watched it, the more I realized how really into it Briana was. This was no small toy and Sandra was really slamming it into her pretty hard. I was impressed she could take on so much and even more so, that she loved every fucking minute of it.