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Swoosh stars Briana Banks, Savanna Sampson, Lezley Zen, Honey Bunny, Michelle Michaels, Aimee Tyler, Shauna Faith Banks and then a string of studs, including Dale Dabone, Eric Prize, Nick Manning, Rafe, Slim Shaddy and Jordan Perry. The storyline for the movie is that Briana gets in a car wreck on a dark and winding road. She ends up stuck in a place with dangerous criminals and horny tree people. With her car out of commission, she does what a girl has to do … fucks everyone she meets to get back home. 🙂

Since most of the people in this movie aren’t as well known as Briana I thought I would include a short little intro for each of the girls so you know who is who. Aimee is the cute, slim little brunette. Honey Bunny is the Latino with the Egyptian Ankh tattoo. Lezley Zen is an American Indian chick. Michelle Michaels is the tiny little blonde who shouldn’t be confused with the other little blonde, Savanna Sampson, who is also a Vivid contract girl. Shauna Faith Banks is the busty brunette.

  • Scene 1: Briana Banks and Erik Price and then Aimee Tyler and Slim Shady and then Briana and Aime and then Michelle Michaels and Honey Bunny join in.

  • Scene 2: Aimee Tyler and Michelle Michaels with Erik Price.

  • Scene 3: Savanna and Nick Manning.

  • Scene 4: (Orgy Scene) This scene includes pretty much the entire cast.

  • Scene 5: Lezley, Shauna, and Briana in a jail cell.

  • Scene 6: Shauna and Eric Prize.

Overall the movie gets a 7 out of 10. The sex was hot, and not the so-so typical – boy meets girl, girl blows boy then boy fucks girl, the end – kind of thing you see all too often in movies these days. I was impressed and will probably watch it again tonight. 🙂