Was Briana Banks arrested for a DUI?

Was Briana Banks arrested for DUI? Yes, in fact, she was arrested at 9 am on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, as she was suspected to be driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. This story was first reported on TMZ and then the blogosphere when crazy with the news that the AVN Hall of Famer was in jail. It is unclear if she was high, drunk or both as she hasn’t talked about the incident since it happened.


Briana Banks DUI


Porn Star Briana Banks Busted for DUI … at McDonalds Drive-thru. Adult film star Briana Banks — star of the classic films “Chinny Chinny Bang Bang” and “Vaggie Burger” — was arrested for DUI in L.A. this week … TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement, Banks — an AVN porn Hall of Famer — got into a fender bender with another car around 9 AM on Wednesday. Moments after the incident, we’re told a witness contacted police … and advised them that Banks may have been under the influence of something at the time of the crash. We’re told cops spotted Briana’s car leaving the drive-thru at a nearby Micky D’s — so they pulled her over … and gave her a field sobriety test. Banks bombed … and was immediately arrested for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The XXX star was hauled to a nearby station where she was booked and released. No word if she was allowed to keep the munchies she scored during the fast food run. We reached out to Banks for comment — so far, no word back.

By the way, the comments about the films Chinny Chinny Bang Bang and Vaggie Burger from TMZ were said as a joke as there are no such movies.

Briana Banks has had a long and illustrious career in porn and we’ve had this site dedicated to her almost just as long. In that time we’ve amassed a lot of questions about her and her career, what we call her frequently asked questions such as how old is she, how long on her legs and where she was born. This is one of the answers to those questions. For other often asked Briana Banks questions you can click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.