What was Briana Banks first movie for Vivid?

Briana Banks officially became a Vivid girl in June of 2001.  But things are never just that simple, are they?  Briana Banks did her first movie for Vivid a few years before called The Watcher #3” when she was still using the name Mirage.  So technically I guess you can say this was her first movie for Vivid.

The Watcher 3 with Briana Banks as Mirage


When Briana Banks started in the adult industry she went by the name Mirage.  She changed it to Briana Banks after she signed with Vivid as a Vivid Girl, in June of 2001 when she was 22 years old.

Her first contract with Vivid was a two-year contract for a minimum of nine features per year.  Many people have said her first movie for Vivid was “Briana Loves Jenna” and while it’s true that was the first movie released after she became a Vivid girl, I did a little digging and it turns out she actually filmed Briana Loves Jenna for Jenna Jameson’s production company the year before on June 18, 2000.

So that brings us to her next few movies for Vivid.  There was Flick, The Vision and Where The Boys Aren’t 14.   Those were the next 3 movies released.  So which of those 3 were actually the first movies she filmed as a Vivid girl?  Turns out the answer is Where The Boys Aren’t 14.  The first production date of The Vision was June 21, 2001 and The first production date of Flick was August 7, 2001.  But the first date of production for Where The Boys Aren’t 14 was June 11, 2001 making that officially the fist movie she filmed as a contract star.

Where the Boys Aren't 14

So to make a long story short Briana Banks first movie for Vivid was Where The Boys Aren’t 14, The Watch #3 or to some Briana Loves Jenna.  Just depends on how you look at it.

Briana Banks has had a long and illustrious career in porn and we’ve had this site dedicated to her almost just as long. In that time we’ve amassed a lot of questions about her and her career, what we call her frequently asked questions such as how old is she, how long on her legs and where she was born. This is one of the answers to those questions.

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