When did Briana Banks enter the adult industry?

Briana Banks started in the adult industry at 19 years old.  Her first movie was “University Co-Eds #18” and it was released in 1999.   She got her start when she was in a car accident, lost her job, was evicted out of his apartment, and recently gained custody of her little sister and needed money. She found an add in the newspaper that said it would pay up to $1000 a day for modeling.  She showed up, everyone was having sex and she almost walked out. Luckily for us, she stayed. Her first two years in the industry was under the name “Mirage”.  Briana’s first movie was called “University Co-Eds #18” for Dane Productions under the name of Mirage, when she was but 19 years old.  She changed it to Briana Banks after she signed with Vivid as a Vivid Girl, in June of 2001.




Briana Banks has had a long and illustrious career in porn and we’ve had this site dedicated to her almost just as long. In that time we’ve amassed a lot of questions about her and her career, what we call her frequently asked questions such as how old is she, how long on her legs and where she was born. This is one of the answers to those questions. For other often asked Briana Banks questions you can click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.