When is Briana Banks birthday?

Briana was born on May 21, 1979 in Munich, Germany and lived there until she was 3 or 4. Then she moved with her parents to London and stayed there for a few years, then relocated to a suburb of Los Angeles called Simi Valley. It was during that time her parents separated. Briana and her sister stayed with her mother in California and her father returned to Germany.

If you look at different websites you might see a wide variety of birthday’s for Briana Banks including 1976, 1978 (most sites) and 1979.  So which one is true?  I thought the best way to find out for sure is to just look at her driver’s license!  So despite what you may read on Wikipedia or IMDB, as you can see by her driver’s license issued by the state of California, Briana Banks was born on May 21, 1979 … not 1976 and not 1978.

Briana Banks has had a long and illustrious career in porn and we’ve had this site dedicated to her almost just as long. In that time we’ve amassed a lot of questions about her and her career, what we call her frequently asked questions such as how old is she, how long on her legs and where she was born. This is one of the answers to those questions.

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