So where is Briana Banks Now?  Turns out she never really went all that far from her legions of devoted fans.  She’s still doing movies from time to time.  In fact in August of 2012 she tweeted this picture of herself on the set for Brazzers shooting of a scene she was filming with porn stud Keiran Lee.  She still lives in California near porn valley.


Briana Banks August 2012

Where is Briana Banks Now?

Here is a shot of Briana at the Penthouse studios.  Don’t know if she is going to be an upcoming Penthouse Pet but perhaps! Or maybe it’s just a cover shoot for a future Penthouse magazine?  She was originally a Penthouse Pet for June 2001, so I’m not sure if you can be a Penthouse Pet of the month twice.

Briana Banks Penthouse

In February of 2013 she created a new twitter account but only ever tweeted one message “Hey guys – I had to make a new twitter account. My other one was hacked. Please RT. xoxo BB” and it was never actually verified by anyone for sure or not if it was actually the real Briana Banks or just some jerk pretending to be her, yet again.


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